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This is an archive of the Office of Justice Programs website documents. These documents are no longer updated. They may contain outdated information and links may no longer function. Please contact the OJP Webmaster if you have any questions about the OJP archives.

Newsroom Initiatives

Press Releases


Annual Reports

2006 OJP Annual Report
2007 OJP Annual Report
2008 OJP Annual Report
2009 OJP Annual Report: Forward Momentum
2010 OJP Annual Report: Mapping a Course
2011 OJP Annual Report: Driving the Future (PDF, ePUB, .mobi)
2012 OJP Annual Report
2013 OJP Annual Report

Financial Guides

2005 OJP Financial Guide
2006 OJP Financial Guide
2009 OJP Financial Guide
2011 OJP Financial Guide

Justice Resource Updates

OJP Fact Sheets

8 U.S.C. § 1373 Additional Compliance Guidance
8 U.S.C. § 1373 Compliance Guidance
The DNA Backlog
Domestic Violence
Elder Abuse and Mistreatment
Faith-Based Programs
Hate Crimes
Human Trafficking
Identity Theft
Indigent Defense




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