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Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)

BJA strengthens the Nation’s criminal justice system and helps America’s state, local, and tribal jurisdictions reduce and prevent crime, reduce recidivism, and promote a fair and safe criminal justice system.  BJA focuses its programmatic and policy efforts on providing a wide range of resources, including training and technical assistance, to law enforcement, courts, corrections, treatment, reentry, justice information sharing, and community-based partners to address chronic and emerging criminal justice challenges nationwide.

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BJA Key Areas

BJA is organized into four primary components:  Programs Office, Policy Office, Operations Office, and the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (PSOB) Office.

Strategic Focus Areas

BJA has five major strategic focus areas:

  1.  Reduction in violent crime, improvement in community safety, and support for public safety officers
  2.  Reduction in recidivism and prevention of unnecessary confinement
  3.  Integration of evidence-based, research-driven strategies into the day-to-day operations of BJA and the programs BJA administers and supports
  4.  Increasing program effectiveness with a renewed emphasis on data analysis, information sharing, and performance management
  5.  Ensuring organizational excellence

BJA Leadership

Karhlton F. Moore

About Karhlton

BJA Director Karhlton Moore

President Biden has appointed Karhlton F. Moore as Director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), effective February 28, 2022.

Prior to joining BJA, Karhlton served as the Executive Director of Ohio’s Office of Criminal Justice Services where he oversaw state and federal grants for law enforcement, victim assistance, juvenile justice, crime prevention courts, anti-trafficking efforts, reentry, corrections programs, and traffic safety.  In that role, he led Ohio’s grantmaking operations, advising the governor and the director of the Department of Public Safety on criminal justice strategies.  He also served as the facilitator for former Ohio Governor John Kasich’s Task Force on Community-Police Relations, precursor of the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board, a multi-disciplinary panel that establishes standards for law enforcement agencies as part of the state’s effort to strengthen community-police relations.

Karhlton also served on the National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) advisory council and executive committee, and was president of NCJA’s board of directors.  He also served on the steering committee of the Justice Counts initiative.

Contact BJA

Contact BJA
Phone: 202-616-6500

Date Created: January 7, 2020