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Coach's Playbook Against Drugs: Portable Guide

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22 pages
This guide is intended to help athletic coaches in secondary schools educate their athletes about the dangers of drugs by being a role model, setting standards clearly, and sending youth a clear message about staying away from alcohol and other drugs.
The manual explains the special role of coaches, the reasons athletes use drugs, the effects of using drugs, and actions to take and to avoid to keep team members drug free. It also explains methods for conveying messages, including encouraging participation in athletics, clearly expressing the expectation that players will not use drugs, ensuring that players know the risks of drug use, especially those that affect athletic performance and their future. It urges coaches also to encourage athletes to set personal goals and to assist them in making progress toward those goals, to help youth develop appropriate decision-making skills, and to let players know that they can talk to the coach about their fears and concerns regarding drug use. Sample written student pledge and coach's pledge and annotated list of organizations from which to obtain more information

Date Published: January 1, 1998