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What is Known about the Effectiveness of Police Practices?

NCJ Number
Cody W. Telep; David Weisburd
Date Published
September 2011
65 pages
This study categorizes strategies and tactics based on what police should be doing, what they should not be doing, and what we know too little about to make informed recommendations.
This study builds upon previous reviews of the police effectiveness literature to categorize strategies and tactics based on what police should and should not be doing. Also provided is relevant information on what police agencies should be doing to implement effective strategies. Discussed is how police should be focusing on hot spots policing, problem-oriented policing (POP), focused deterrence approaches, directed patrol to reduce gun crime, and using DNA in property cases. Also examined is how police should recognize the importance of efforts to enhance legitimacy and avoid standard policing tactics such as random preventive patrol, second responder programs, and Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.). Finally, how well current policing practices match up with effective approaches and general implications for policing is explored. The conclusion also discusses policing strategies about which too little is known to make informed recommendations. References