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SPLASH! is a community initiative for young people, operated in 16 localities in England and Wales.
Specifically, SPLASH! aims to divert young people from impulse crimes, stimulate their interest in constructive activities, help youngsters develop more control over their lives, and show that young people can make a valuable contribution to the community. This juvenile delinquency prevention program provides a range of interesting and exciting leisure activities during the long summer vacation; community and youth organizations work together to build a program using local equipment and facilities. The steps of implementing a SPLASH! program include finding supporting organizations, raising funds, adopting a professional approach, and publicizing the program in schools, education welfare departments, young offenders programs, youth clubs and organizations, and social agencies. The program steering committee should include representatives of the police, local authority, business, and community, while the Action Team will consist of specialists from involved agencies. Ideal activity supervisors are adults from the target communities, minority ethnic groups, and teenage assistants. An effective evaluation will be based on participation statistics, participant satisfaction questionnaires, group discussions, structured questionnaires for agency staff working with the young people, and data on juvenile delinquency rates.