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Specific Deterrent Effects of Arrest for Domestic Assault Minneapolis, 1981-1982

NCJ Number
R A Berk; L W Sherman
Date Published
174 pages
This manual presents the study instrument and the coding information for the dataset resulting from an examination of 330 domestic assaults in Minneapolis which resulted in arrests or other police contacts.
Data were collected between March 1981 and September 1982. The dataset includes information supplied by those involved in the incidents and information in police arrest records. The interviews requested information on socioeconomic and demographic attributes of the suspect and victim, their relationship, the nature of the argument that prompted the assault, the presence or absence of physical violence, and the nature and extent of police contact in the incident. Arrest records produced information on the date; address of the victim and suspect; ethnicity; and the presence or absence of alcohol or drugs, a weapon, and an assault on responding officers. The dataset has 10 files, with over 100 variables for the 330 cases investigated.