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High-Technology-Crime Investigator's Handbook: Working in the Global Information Environment

NCJ Number
Gerald L. Kovacich Ph.D.; William C. Boni MBA
Date Published
317 pages
This book describes the potential dangers of high-tech crimes and resources available to combat them.
The book consists of four major sections incorporating 23 chapters. Part I: Introduction to the High-Technology-Crime Environment, presents the fundamentals of the high-technology world and its impact on criminal justice and law enforcement systems; the new crime scene environment; motives, profiles and philosophies of today’s offenders; high-technology criminals’ methods; and basic protection philosophies, methods and processes. Part II: Overview of the High-Technology-Crime Investigations Profession and Unit, includes individual career plan suggestions and company investigative and preventive programs. Part III: High-Technology Crimes and Investigations, presents case summaries and investigative procedures. Part IV: High-Technology-Crime Investigation: Challenges for the Twenty-first Century, describes the future impact of technology on individuals, nations, societies, business, and government agencies. Figures, notes, tables, references, bibliography, appendix, index