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Global Citizen's Forum (GCF) Replication Framework

NCJ Number
Analytic Services Inc. (ANSER)
Date Published
December 2019
311 pages

After reviewing the features of the Global Citizen’s Forum (GCF), this report presents a framework for replicating and evaluating the GCF.


The GCF is an after-school program for youth intended to improve participants’ help-seeking behaviors, with a core focus on preventing destructive and violent behaviors through the development of social competence, confidence, connection, character, and caring. The basic GCF curriculum consists of eight lessons, each approximately 90 minutes long. Instructional methods focus on group activities and discussion. Issues discussed in this report on a framework for replicating the GCF curriculum include the decision to implement GCF, initial planning, adapting the curriculum, participant recruitment, facilitator preparation, and GCF implementation. For each of these steps, the Framework provides a description, key activities, implementation resources required, and considerations for completion. Guidance on the evaluation of the implementation of GCF focuses on whether GCF training improves participants’ knowledge of violent extremism and whether GCF training improves skills (gate-keeping efficacy) and positive attitudes for vicarious help-seeking in the context of countering VE. Instructional outlines are provided for each of the GFC training sessions. The evaluation design involves a quasi-experimental design in which the recruited sample of youth is divided into treatment and comparison groups, using stratified random sampling based on demographic attributes aligned with the school’s broader population distribution of key demographics. Appended training aids and evaluation instruments