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Effect of Jurors' Race on Their Response to Scientific Evidence

NCJ Number
Stephanie L. Albertson
Date Published
172 pages
This book analyzes the influence of jurors' race on perceptions of complex scientific evidence.
This book examines the perceptions jurors have toward science and technology and how these attitudes influence their perceptions of scientific evidence. With complex scientific evidence becoming commonplace in trials, it is crucial to examine whether African-Americans perceive this evidence differently when compared to Whites. Chapter 1 introduces the issues of influence of jurors' race on perceptions of complex scientific evidence. Chapter 2 discusses the impact of attitude formation on jury decisionmaking. Chapter 3 introduces background information on the science of DNA and the use of complex scientific evidence in the courts. Chapter 4 explores the topic of scientific evidence and juror comprehension. Chapter 5 presents results from the statistical analyses. Chapter 6 provides a discussion of significant findings in the study, its contribution to jury research design and methodology, its contribution to relevant scholarly debates, and suggestions for future research. Tables, appendix, references, and index


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