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Disabled Offenders (Stop, Search and Arrest)

NCJ Number
Sheila A. Bolin; Richard A. Flesch; Fanchon F. Funk
Date Published
212 pages
This manual was written to help police officers identify a subject as disabled; to describe proper techniques for approaching, searching, handcuffing, and transporting a subject with a disability; and to deal with situations involving service animals.
The manual acknowledges that the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed to preclude persons with disabilities from being afforded the same opportunities as those without disabilities. Law enforcement personnel must understand the ramifications of the ADA, as well as State and local ordinances dealing with disabled individuals, to effectively carry out their duties. If an arrest is imminent, certain legal and reasonable accommodations must be made for the person with a disability. The manual outlines procedures for law enforcement personnel to follow when dealing with a disabled offender. The procedures are organized into 10 chapters: standard encounter, devices used by a disabled offender, approaching a disabled offender, searching a disabled offender, the use of force with a disabled offender, pressure points, defensive tactics in handling a disabled offender, handcuffing a disabled offender, transporting a disabled offender, and service animals. Appendixes provide additional information on ADA claims, State statutes and cases, the text of the ADA, relevant Federal regulations, and a list of resources. 24 references and 76 figures