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Youth Crime Watch of America

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January 1999
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Youth Crime Watch of America, Inc. (YCWA) is a nonprofit organization that establishes youth crime watch programs throughout the United States and in other countries.
YCWA, began in 1978, and provides youth volunteers with guidance on how to conduct the program in their school, neighborhood, public housing site, recreational center, or park. Its goals are to provide crime-free, drug-free settings for healthy learning and living; instill positive values; foster good citizenship; and build self-confidence in youth; and enable youth to become resources for preventing drug use and other crimes in their schools and neighborhoods. YCWA activities include drug and crime prevention education, anonymous crime reporting systems, youth patrols, mentoring programs, mediation training, conflict resolution training, youth leadership training, and establishing community networks and partnerships. YCWA also collaborates with the National Crime Prevention Council to organize the annual National Youth Crime Prevention Conference. More than 75 individuals receive awards at each conference. YCWA members receive newsletters, resource materials, and access to a resource library. Mail and Internet addresses from which to obtain more information

Date Published: January 1, 1999