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Working With the Media

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Date Published
March 2000
8 pages
Publication Series
This bulletin describes how to work with the media in efforts to prevent community crime.
The term “media” refers to all means of mass communication in the community--news and nonnews, local and national--including newspapers, magazines, billboards, neighborhood and community newsletters, cable television providers, and posters. As a community begins work on a crime prevention program and plans its work with the media, it should follow five critical planning steps: (1) develop a process for preparing and sending out media communications such as media advisories, press releases, and pitch letters, perhaps by following the seven steps suggested in the bulletin; (2) reach out to a variety of media organizations; (3) start getting out the word about the program, emphasizing concentration, time commitment, persistence, and a powerful message; (4) keep media contacts lined up; and (5) develop allies. The bulletin describes what it takes to keep working successfully with the media, challenges of working with the media, rewards of working with the media, and how to evaluate working with the media. Note, resources

Date Published: March 1, 2000