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Violent Neighborhoods, Violent Kids

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Date Published
March 2000
16 pages
This bulletin presents findings from a study of delinquent behavior among boys living in the three most violent neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.
The study examined the role in the boys’ lives of basic institutions such as families, schools, churches, and youth-serving organizations. A random sample of 213 boys ages 13 to 17 were asked to complete a questionnaire concerning personal matters, participation in afterschool activities, adult supervision, emotions, and involvement in crime, delinquency, or gangs. Analysis of the responses and subsequent interviews with the boys, in addition to analysis of data concerning youth services available in D.C., were the basis of the study. Findings concerned patterns of delinquency, supervision and boys’ activities during and after school, and barriers to effective delivery of youth services in D.C. Those barriers included insufficient involvement of Federal agencies and local businesses and an excess number of unaffiliated and uncoordinated organizations. To better serve the boys in D.C., the study recommends early intervention, providing structure and supervision, applying swift and sure sanctions, reducing gun violence, and improving coordination between government agencies and private organizations and among local affiliates of national organizations. Notes, figures, tables, references

Date Published: March 1, 2000