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University of North Texas Center for Human Identification Project: The Anthropological, mtDNA and STR Analysis of Unidentified Human Remains and Family Reference Samples for Entry Into CODIS and the Field Testing and Implementation of New Technologies to Facilitate Additional Identifications

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This report provides data on the grant-related work of the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification (UNTCHI).
UNTCHI’s work involves the identification of unknown decedents through mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and short tandem repeat (STR) analysis of remains with the assistance of anthropological and deontological analysis. A second component of its work is the development of a basis for the future identification of individuals reported missing through the DNA analysis of missing person samples and reference samples provided by families with a missing loved one. A third component of UNTCHI’s work is the development of the capacity to process large numbers of both human remains and family reference samples in a mass disaster event. The fourth component of the work is the delivery of educational services to the medical-legal community in order to nurture improved access and use of the UNTCHI and other qualified DNA testing facilities, as well as to promote the use of the National Missing and Unidentified System (Nam Us). A total of 639 agencies within 45 States have submitted samples to the UNTCHI. At the close of the current grant award, UNTCHI has received approximately 3,000 family reference samples, 1,339 samples from unidentified decedents, and 145 missing-person samples. UNTCHI has completed the analysis of 2,609 family reference samples, 51 missing person samples, and 1,020 unidentified human remains have been either completed or are near completion. As of April 2008, UNTCHI had uploaded 1,980 family reference samples and 661 unidentified human-remains samples into the National DNA Index System of CODIS. To date, grant-related work has resulted in a total of 195 confirmed identifications through DNA analysis of remains submitted from 35 States. 8 appendixes with supplementary information

Date Published: January 1, 2008