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Testing Technology: From the Lab to the Field With Facial Recognition

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Corrections Today
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This article explores facial recognition research being conducted by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and describes a pilot project to bring facial recognition technology to Prince George’s County Correctional Center in Maryland.


Facial recognition technology is slowly being phased into everyday operations at the Prince George’s County Correctional Center, allowing administrators to know exactly who is in the facility at all times. The technology, which now allows facility entrance only to uniformed and civilian staff whose information is matched in the system, will ultimately be expanded to include visitors and will have the capability to automatically operate doors. NIJ has been involved with facial recognition research since 1996 and is ready to test its technological innovations in pilot or test-bed projects like the one currently under analysis at Prince George’s County Correctional Center. Such pilot projects assist developers and researchers with identifying kinks in the technology and identifying unmet needs that can be included in the technology. Pilot projects also aid the particular corrections agency by bringing cutting-edge technology to facilities that would otherwise not be able to fund the equipment required for the system. Contact information is presented for more information about facial recognition technology.

Date Published: January 1, 2002