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Test Results for Mobile Device Acquisition Tool: Mobilyze 1.1

NCJ Number
Date Published
January 2011
36 pages

This report presents the results from testing Mobilyze, version 1.1 against the Smart Phone Tool Test Assertions and Test plan, so as to provide developers with the information necessary to improve tools, enable users to make informed choices, and assist the legal community and others in understanding the tool's capabilities.


Except for the four noted exceptions, the tested tool acquired all supported data objects completely and accurately from the selected test mobile device (i.e., iPhone 3Gs). In one exception, the notification of device acquisition disruption was unsuccessful (Test Case: SPT-03). In a second exception, the maximum length address book entries reported in the preview-pane view were truncated (Test Case: SPT-06). In the third exception, the delivery time for text messages displayed in the "Messages" tab is not reported (Test Case: SPT-08). In the fourth exception, non-ASCII address book entries and text messages are not properly reported in their native format (Test Case: SPT-33). After summarizing these results from the test runs, the report's remaining sections describe how the tests were conducted and provide documentation of test case run details that support the report summary. Two of these sections provide a justification for the selection of test cases and assertions from the set of possible cases defined in the test plan for smart phone forensic tools. Another section lists the hardware and software used to run the test cases, followed by a section that describes each test case, test assertions used in the test case, the expected result, and the actual result. Extensive tables

Date Published: January 1, 2011