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Test Results for Hardware Write Block Device: Tableau Forensic SATA Bridge T3u (FireWire Interface)

NCJ Number
Date Published
January 2007
18 pages
This report presents results from testing the Tableau Forensic SATA Bridge T3u (FireWire Interface) against the Hardware Write Blocker (HWB) Assertions and Test Plan Version 1.0.
This specification sets four requirements for top-level tool requirements. First, a HWB device shall not transmit a command to a protected storage device that modifies the data on the storage device; second, a HWB device shall return the data requested by a read operation; third, a HWB device shall return without modification any access-significant information requested from the drive; and fourth, any error condition reported by the storage device to the HWB device shall be reported to the host. The currently tested device complied with the first requirement, in that it always blocked any commands that would have changed user or operating system data stored on a protected drive. It also complied with the second requirement, in that the tested HWB device always allowed commands to read the protected drive for all test cases run. In addition, the tested device always returned access significant information from the protected drive without modification, thus complying with the third requirement. Further, the HWB device always returned error codes from the protected drive without modification for all test cases run, thus complying with the fourth requirement. In addition to presenting test results, this report explains the test case selection and describes the testing environment. The latter encompasses the test computers, protocol analyzer, hard disk drives, and support software.

Date Published: January 1, 2007