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Test Results for Forensic Media Preparation Tool: Tableau TDW1 Drive Tool/Drive Wiper-Firmware Version: 04/07/10 18:21:33

NCJ Number
Date Published
December 2011
28 pages
This report presents results from testing the wipe function of Tableau TDW1 Drive Tool/Drive Wiper - Firmware version 04/07/10 18:21:33 against the "Forensic Media Preparation Tool Test Assertions and Test Plan Version 1.0."
The Tableau TDW1 Drive Tool/Drive Wiper is a multipurpose tool designed to erase SATA hard drives. It provides single-pass or multi-pass drive-wiping options accessible from a menu-driven interface located on the front panel of the device. In all the test cases, the Tableau TDW1 Drive Tool/Drive Wiper - version 04/07/10 18:21:33 overwrote all visible sectors successfully. The tool does not automatically remove hidden sectors from source drives, but is designed to alert the user when hidden sectors exist. The user may either leave the hidden sectors as is or manually remove them using the "Disk Utilities" "Remove DCO & HPA" menu option. In three test cases, the "Remove DCO & HPA" option was not exercised, and hidden sectors were not overwritten. In three other test cases, however, the "Remove DCO & HPA" option was exercised, and all sectors were successfully overwritten. Following the summary of test results, the remaining sections of the report describe how the tests were conducted and provide documentation of test case details that support the report summary. Extensive tables

Date Published: December 1, 2011