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Test Results for Forensic Media Preparation Tool: Image MASSter Solo-4 Forensics; Software Version

NCJ Number
Date Published
December 2011
36 pages
This report presents the results from testing the wipeout function of Image MASSter Solo-4 Forensics using Software Version, against the "Forensic Media Preparation Tool Test Assertions and Test Plan Version 1.0."
The Image MASSter Solo-4 Forensics is a multifunctional forensics hand-held disk duplicator. It supports disk-wiping on drives attached to the "Evidence Collecting" interface. The wipeout function supports three modes for executing a drive wipe: single pass, full Department of Defense Sanitization, and secure erase. The testing found two anomalies for the Image MASSter Solo-4. First, for one particular hard drive model used in testing, Seagate ST3160815AS, the Solo-4 device halted after drive identification and did not erase any sectors. Second, the Solo-4 did not handle dries correctly if there was a Device Configuration Overlay present on the test drive. Three results were observed: the DCO was not erased and the 48 visible sectors immediately preceding the DCO also were not erased, but the remaining visible sectors were erased; the last sector of the DCO was not erased, but all other sectors, both hidden and visible, were erased; and the sectors in the DCO were not erased, but all visible sectors and all sectors in the Host Protected Area were erased. Following the summary of the test results, remaining sections of this report describe how the tests were conducted and presents documentation of test-case details that support the report summary. Extensive tables

Date Published: December 1, 2011