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Test Results for Digital Data Acquisition Tool: Image MASSter Solo-3 Forensics; Software Version

NCJ Number
Date Published
December 2011
100 pages
This report presents the results from testing Image MASSter Solo-3 Forensics, Software Version, against the "Digital Data Acquisition Tool Assertions and Test Plan Version 1.0."
The tool acquired source drives completely and accurately, with the exception of four cases: a case where a source drive containing faulty sectors was imaged and the tool was configured to skip sectors in the same block as faulty sectors; a case where the tool was configured to restore an image file to two destination drives; a case where a drive was cloned with the Lg-XferBlk option enabled, and a case where the tool was configured to clone a drive that had not been removed from a laptop. The tool reported incorrect hash values in two cases: a case where insufficient space existed on the destination volume and multiple destination volumes were used (i.e., drive spanning), and a case that tested restoring that image to a clone. Two test cases involved creating truncated clones. In one case, a truncated clone was created from a source drive; and in the other, a truncated clone was created from an image file. In both cases, the tool did not notify the user that a truncated clone had been created. After summarizing results from the test runs, the remaining sections of the report describe how the tests were conducted, discuss any anomalies that were encountered, and provide documentation of test-case-run details that support the report summary.

Date Published: December 1, 2011