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Studying How to Maneuver Suspects to a Stop

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April 2013
2 pages
This article from the Spring 2013 edition of TechBeat discusses the development and collection of data on the behavior of vehicles involved in pursuits.

The PIT (Precision Immobilization Technique) Maneuver is a technique used by law enforcement personnel to force a fleeing vehicle to abruptly turn 180 degrees, causing the vehicle to stall and stop. In October 2012, staff at the Weapons and Protective Systems Technology Center of Excellence (WPSTC) partnered with the Michigan State Police to conduct research on the characteristics of vehicle dynamics during the use of the PIT maneuver. The research included comparing the vehicle dynamics of cars with electronic stability control systems to cars that do not have the system. The research found that conducting the PIT maneuver on cars with stability control systems could have unpredictable results at both low and high speeds, a situation that does not exist with cars without stability control systems. The intent of the research was to develop a set of observations on dynamics of vehicles involved in high-speed pursuits to allow agencies to make informed decisions on employment and pursuit policy. Previous research on the behavior of vehicles with electronic stability control systems is also discussed.

Date Published: April 1, 2013