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Strategies to Reduce Underage Alcohol Use: Typology and Brief Overview

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Date Published
June 1999
32 pages
This document provides a conceptual framework for understanding the array of strategies available to prevent underage alcohol use; it also provides an assessment of the level of effect that might be expected from each strategy, based on existing research and evaluation.
The strategies discussed are of several types that can be viewed as interrelated pieces of the prevention puzzle. These include limitations on access to alcohol, expressions of community norms against underage alcohol use, and strategies specifically designed to reduce underage drinking and driving. In addition, strategies based in schools or youth organizations are particularly well suited to reaching the target population. Each of these strategy types is described in this report. It advises that all of the strategies can make a contribution to the aim of reducing drinking and drunk driving by youth, but it is important to emphasize those strategies that have the greatest evidence of the most powerful effects on underage drinking and problems. A table presented in this report summarizes the strategies profiled and briefly describes the research evidence for the effectiveness of each. Each strategy is assigned a priority based on the level of evidence and the likely impact of the strategy. The document includes a list of research, implementation, and web site resources.

Date Published: June 1, 1999