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Simple and Highly Effective DNA Extraction Methods From Old Skeletal Remains Using Silica Columns

NCJ Number
Forensic Science International: Genetics Volume: 4 Issue: 5 Dated: October 2010 Pages: 275-280
Date Published
October 2010
6 pages

This study compared several silica-based DNA concentration/extraction methods for effective use in genotyping old skeletal remains.


The recovery of DNA data from old skeletal remains is often difficult due to degraded and very low yield of extracted DNA and the presence of PCR inhibitors. Herein, the authors compared several silica-based DNA extraction methods from artificially degraded DNA, DNA with PCR inhibitors and DNA from old skeletal remains using quantitative real-time PCR. They present a modified large-scale silica-based extraction combined with complete demineralization that enables maximum DNA recovery and efficient elimination of PCR inhibitors. This is performed with high concentration of EDTA solution for demineralization of bone powder followed by QIAamp spin columns and buffers from the QIAquick PCR purification kit. The authors have successfully used this modified technique to perform STR analysis for 55-year-old skeletal remains. The results of this study will contribute to solve the forensic cases dealing with skeletal remains. Figure, tables, appendix, and references (Published Abstract)

Date Published: October 1, 2010