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A Screening Tool for Identifying Trafficking Victims

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September 2016
2 pages
This article presents information from an NIJ funded study on the challenges faced by service providers and law enforcement officers in identifying human trafficking victims, and a screening tool developed for use by front-line practitioners.
Identifying human trafficking victims is a challenge for service providers and law enforcement officers. A screening tool that reliably identifies victims could be an enormous help to law enforcement agencies and organizations involved in victim services. This NIJ funded study sought to answer several questions about a screening tool developed for use by front-line practitioners: 1) Does the tool accurately and reliably identify trafficking victims?; 2) Under which conditions is it most effective?; and 3) What is the best way to share this tool and promote its use among law enforcement? Working with 11 victims services agencies from around the country to develop and test a comprehensive screening tool that would make identification easier, it was determined that this tool can reliably identify victims and can aid victim service agencies not only in helping victims get the services they need but can potentially improve case investigations and prosecutions.

Date Published: September 1, 2016