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School-Wide Education for Violence Prevention Videoconference

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April 2002
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This video features a panel of experts discussing issues and answering questions from callers on topics related to the school-wide teaching of students about strategies and actions that can prevent violent interactions.
The panel moderator emphasizes that school-wide education for violence prevention is but one component of a comprehensive strategy for preventing and addressing school violence. The three major topics discussed by the panel are how bystanders at a student conflict can act to prevent an escalation to violence; how participants in a conflict can prevent such an escalation; and how information and techniques for preventing violence can be taught to students. Prior to panel discussions on each of these topics, the video portrays an improv group acting out scenarios in a school setting that have the potential to escalate into violence. The first issue addressed by the panel is the features of strategies and skills that can help students to act responsibly in preventing violence when they become an observer/bystander at a student conflict. The panel discusses teaching students to act responsibly in preventing harm to others, as well as skills and strategies for appropriate interventions under various types of conflict scenarios. In discussing the teaching of strategies and skills for students who become participants in conflicts, the panel addresses multicultural sensitivities, communication skills, conflict resolution skills, problem-solving, anger management, and decisionmaking. The final segment of the panel discussion considers ways to provide information and instruction that enables students to become proficient in preventing violence. Suggestions include school posters, parental involvement, collaboration with community resources, classroom management and feedback, and the use of a structured curriculum on violence prevention that has continuity and reinforcement across grade levels. Accompanying written outline of the video and supplementary information on violence-prevention strategies

Date Published: April 1, 2002