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From Research to Reality: Recruiting More Women into the Policing Profession: Preliminary Results of an NIJ-funded Applied Research Project

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April 2024

This webinar presents early work on a research project aimed at developing and testing recruitment strategies to attract more women into the policing profession.


This webinar features the work of Dr. Jen Ranier, a research psychologist who studies workplace and workforce issues at RTI International. The project presented in this webinar had the goal of identifying ways to help law enforcement agencies recruit more women. The research was divided into three phases that first aimed to understand current practices and identify strategies for improving recruitment of women into policing; it next utilized those findings to conduct a large-scale online experiment with both a general population sample and students to test those potential solutions; the final phase implemented those findings in a field study with two agencies to test some of the findings and strategies. The webinar discusses the research efforts, findings, and implications for practice, providing evidence-based examples of how law enforcement agencies can recruit and retain more women in policing careers.

Date Published: April 15, 2024