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The Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center develops publications to assist States and communities in the enforcement of underage drinking laws; this is a catalog that contains the titles and brief summaries of the contents of these publications.
The documents profiled in the catalog provide effective strategies, guidelines, and State and community examples of work being done to reduce youths' use of and access to alcoholic beverages. Nine publications are included under the category of "Overview and Framework." Topics covered include retailer responsible alcohol sales, strategies to reduce underage alcohol use, regulatory strategies for reducing youths' access to alcohol, the prevention of alcohol sales to minors, environmental strategies to prevent alcohol problems on college campuses, and the evaluation of prevention effectiveness. Three publications are listed under the category of "Measuring and Monitoring." They address the conducting of youth surveys on alcohol use, the conducting of alcohol purchase surveys, and the soliciting of cohesive enforcement program plans. Six publications serve as "Operational Guides for Law Enforcement." They focus on reducing alcohol sales to underage purchasers, strategies for reducing third-party transactions of alcohol to underage youth, the enforcement of impaired driving laws for youth, preventing and dispersing underage drinking parties, a guide to false identification, and cooperation between police and educators in addressing underage drinking on college campuses. Three publications are listed under the category of "Other Support Documentation." These publications focus on the costs of underage drinking, strategic media advocacy for the enforcement of underage drinking laws, and how to use local regulatory and land-use powers to prevent underage drinking. An order form is included.

Date Published: January 1, 2001