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Proceedings of Persistently Safe Schools October 29-31, 2007 Washington, DC

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308 pages
This report provides the 38 presentations that were part of the proceedings of the Hamilton Fish Institute’s 2007 National Conference on Safe Schools, whose theme was “Persistently Safe Schools."
A number of presentations focused on the general features of a safe school and how these could be achieved. These papers addressed such issues as incorporating school safety into plans for overall improvement in educational services, the Community Justice Board Program, the use of school resource officers in classrooms, school policies and legal issues that support safe schools, collaboration in safe school initiatives, crime prevention through environmental design, and security technology for schools. Other presentations addressed specific issues schools face in making their students and staff safe. These included violence prevention, bullying, barricaded hostage and crisis situations, gangs, and hate crime. Some presentations focus on services for students with specific needs related to problem behaviors that threaten school safety. Issues discussed are mental health services for disruptive and aggressive students, the promotion of resiliency in girls, and school-based programs for victims of domestic violence. Presentations also feature particular types of programs and services that promote school safety. These include mentoring, development of a social neuroscientific understanding of youth behaviors, empowering students to achieve positive changes in school climate, and a new approach to discipline management. Appended biographies of keynote, author, panelist, and presenter participants

Date Published: January 1, 2007