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Planning a Reentry Program: A Toolkit for Tribal Communities

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Date Published
October 2021
48 pages

This toolkit for reentry programs for American Indian and Alaska Natives reentering their tribal communities after release from jail or prison addresses the rationale for reentry programs and how to plan and implement tribal reentry programs that incorporate a tribe’s history, values, and strengths.


This toolkit views reentry as a process that begins with confinement, which should provide an assessment of risk and need that becomes the basis for rehabilitative programming and interactions that facilitate a law-abiding life upon reentering the community after release. Tribal reentry programs are designed to assist people in living a crime-free life in their tribal communities after release from jail or prison. They face challenges that may include where to live; getting a job; developing and maintaining a crime-free family and social life; and accessing mental health and rehabilitative services needed to prevent reoffending. Reentry programs offer the structure, services, and supervision needed to address these issues. After explaining the features of and need for reentry programs, this toolkit explains the distinctive features of reentry programs in a tribal context. This is followed by instructions for planning a reentry strategy. The major components of this instruction are 1) the development and functions of the planning team, 2) identifying and collaborating with partners, 3) engaging clients in the reentry program, and 4) measuring program impact. 13 references

Date Published: October 1, 2021