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Offender Tracking System Standard Nears Completion

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July 2013
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This article in the summer 2013 issue of TechBeat discusses the development of the offender tracking system standard.


Offender tracking system (OTS) technology is used by law enforcement to assist agencies in the effective management of selected groups of offenders. The technology has been useful in tracking sex offenders, close monitoring of high-risk offenders, and as a confinement alternative for low-risk offenders. This article from the summer 2013 issue of TechBeat magazine discusses the development of a standard for OTS technology to ensure that the different tracking systems have the capability to operate at their specified level. In October 2009 the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) launched a Special Technical Committee to create a standard, certification program document, and a user's guide related to offender tracking systems. To date a draft of the standard has been completed. The standard will specify the minimum performance requirements for OTSs and define the methods for testing the systems.

Date Published: July 1, 2013