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NIJ Journal Issue No. 229

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National Institute of Justice Journal Issue: 229 Dated: (August 1995) Pages: complete issue
Date Published
August 1995
40 pages

These six articles present research findings on juvenile violence, risk-focused crime prevention, the sharing of information to prevent youth violence, fraud, and the relationship between community policing and the standards defined by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).


An analysis of data from several sources reveals that homicides committed by juveniles, juveniles' use of guns to commit homicides, and the arrest rate for nonwhite juveniles for drug law offenses all doubled in the 7 years after 1985. The analysis links the rise of gun-related homicides by juveniles to drug markets and the spread of guns into the community. Additional papers explain the use of the public health model to determine and address risk factors for violence and the role of the Partnerships Against Violence Network conceived by the National Institute of Justice to provide information about youth anti-violence programs, technical assistance, and funding sources. Further papers present the results of a nationwide study of fraud that was conducted by the National Institute of Justice, efforts to develop technology to detect concealed weapons, and findings of a study that concluded that the CALEA standards neither supported nor contradicted the goals and policies of community policing. Figures, tables, photographs, and reference notes

Date Published: August 1, 1995