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Multicultural Implications of Restorative Justice: Potential Pitfalls and Dangers

NCJ Number
Date Published
April 2000
32 pages
This report aims to inform practitioners about multicultural concerns associated with the implementation of restorative justice approaches.
In emphasizing concerns, practitioners of restorative justice should keep in mind when working with people from different cultures, the report indicates efforts to address these concerns are faced with pitfalls and challenges. People from different cultures have different ways of speaking and behaving. In addition, a person's cultural milieu determines his or her world view, perception of justice, and communication style. A brief overview of restorative justice is presented, following by an examination of programs that attempt to apply restorative justice principles. The report then considers program models that apply restorative justice principles and notes pitfalls and challenges of restorative justice approaches in cross-cultural contexts. Ways to increase positive interactions when working with persons from different cultural backgrounds are presented. Appendixes contain supplemental information on community reparation and diversity. 12 references

Date Published: April 1, 2000