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Meetings--Make Them Work!

NCJ Number
Youth in Action Issue: 10 Dated: September 1999 Pages: 1-7
Date Published
September 1999
8 pages
Publication Series
This is a step-by-step guide to holding successful meetings and a list of resources for planning successful projects.
Those who wish to lead successful meetings should be aware of the following setup tasks: (1) Set a time that works, let attendees know what to expect and set a realistic time limit; (2) Set an agenda so attendees can prepare beforehand and find out whether additional items should be addressed; (3) Distribute written materials in advance of the meeting; (4) Set up tasks and divide chores; (5) Set up discussions so that everyone gets a say; (6) Set up a structure that keeps discussion orderly; (7) Set up ways to stick to the subjects; and (8) Set up time to summarize. The document also reviews what it takes to keep a meeting moving in a positive direction; how to disagree without being disagreeable; how to learn by observation; some of the challenges to conducting meetings; and some of the ways to evaluate a meeting. A list of resources includes published material, Websites and organizations. Notes

Date Published: September 1, 1999