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A Map to the Market

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This article outlines a strategy for transforming a law enforcement or corrections concept into a product or service that can then be marketed for commercial use.

Many of the ideas presented in this article were derived from a conference entitled "One Step Ahead With Technology," which brought together innovators, venture/seed capitalists, manufacturers, and the law enforcement and corrections communities. The conference focused on describing a "roadmap" for commercializing a concept that issues in a technology or technology transfer that can be commercialized in the law enforcement and corrections marketplace. Following the roadmap requires expertise in three primary areas: technical development, market development, and organizational development. The process also involves four stages: the research stage, the innovation stage, the entrepreneurial stage, and the managerial stage. This article provides detailed advice on following the roadmap, as well as the resources available for funding and technical assistance.

Date Published: January 1, 1999