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Just Science Podcast: Just Building Partnerships to Advance Forensic Technology

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January 2024

This episode of the Just Science podcast discusses building partnerships to advance forensic technology.


Episode two of Just Science’s Roadmap to Improving Technology Transition season features Cleveland Miles, Director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Division of Forensic Science, and Henry Maynard, Lead Research Scientist for the United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, who discuss the importance of building partnerships in the forensic community to effectively communicate and advance forensic technology.  Successfully transitioning forensic technology into practice requires a coordinated effort between many forensic stakeholders, including researchers, practitioners, and industry workers. While building these partnerships is crucial for technological advancement, there are often challenges to overcome when collaborating with individuals from different forensic domains. Cleveland and Henry describe the gap in awareness about forming forensic partnerships, actionable strategies for enhancing relationships in the field, and how to navigate the different languages of the various forensic entities.

Date Published: January 1, 2024