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Just Recruiting Women in Policing

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December 2021

This Just Science special release podcast episode discusses the underrepresentation of women in the policing profession, highlighting research on the issue as well as steps that organizations are taking to increase female representation in law enforcement careers.


This podcast episode presents a discussion of how law enforcement agencies can address the shortage of female representation among law enforcement agencies. Guests Dr. Jennifer Rineer, a research psychologist and program manager at RTI International’s Center for Policing Research and Investigative Science, and Maureen McGough, Chief of Staff at the Policing Project at NYU Law and co-founder of the 30x30 Initiative, discuss efforts to recruit more women in policing. The podcasters discuss the benefits that women can bring to law enforcement agencies, including the increase of legitimacy and trust within communities, as well as improving police department performance. Rineer and McGough discuss their research on the topic facing many police departments across the United States, and the steps that some organizations are taking to increase female representation in policing.

Date Published: December 1, 2021