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Effects of Wrongful Conviction Cases - Interview at the 2012 NIJ Conference

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June 2012
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This is the video and transcript of a presentation at the 2012 NIJ Conference that reported on a study of the impact of wrongful convictions on the original victims of the crime at issue.


Victims who identified the wrong person as the offender often felt guilty about and responsible for the wrongful conviction. Some also feared retaliation from the person who was wrongfully convicted by their testimony. Others were disturbed by the realization that the real offender was still free and they might be at risk for re-victimization. In a few cases, when the victimization had occurred some years ago, children born to the victim since his/her victimization did not know about the crime, so the publicity surrounding the wrongful conviction required that victims explain to their children what had happened and what the wrongful conviction means. The study also found that victims want to be informed about how the wrongful conviction occurred and whether the investigation to find the actual offender will be resumed. They want ongoing notification about what is happening with their case. It is also important that victims be referred to various services in the community that can assist them in dealing with the problems and issues that have emerged as a result of the wrongful conviction.

Date Published: June 1, 2012