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Drugs and Crime Facts, 1994: A Summary of Drug Data Published in 1994

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Date Published
June 1995
37 pages
This booklet summarizes various types of drug data published in 1994.

This booklet summarizes drug data published by BJS in 1994, supplemented with other data of interest to the criminal justice community. Topics covered include drug-related crime; drug use by offenders at the time of offense; drug law enforcement; pretrial release of drug defendants; prosecution and sentencing of drug offenders in both Federal and State courts; recidivism of drug law violators; public opinion about drugs; drugs and juveniles; drugs and gangs; and drug use in the general population. Information about the Office of National Drug Control Policy's Drugs and Crime Clearinghouse is also included. An update of the material in this report is available on the Drugs & Crime Facts section of the BJS website.

Date Published: June 1, 1995