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Curriculum for Training Educators of Youth in Confinement

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Date Published
March 2000
2 pages
This report summarizes the nine modules of the National Training Curriculum for Educators of Youth in Confinement Facilities (Educator's Curriculum), which was developed by the National Juvenile Detention Association's Center for Research and Professional Development.
One module focuses on current trends and issues in juvenile justice and the education of juvenile offenders. This includes a review of trends in the juvenile justice system as a whole, attention to the characteristics of juvenile offenders, and profiles of the best practices in detention and corrections education. The second module addresses institutional culture, which includes information on team-building activities, contraband searches, and rewriting lesson plans from a safety and security perspective. A module on student assessment teaches new educators how to identify and apply standards for assessing students and how to develop informal assessment instruments. A module on curriculum emphasizes the need for curricula designed to meet specific needs of students and that comply with national standards. A module on teaching and learning examines how students learn and identifies learning and teaching styles. In the module on behavior management, demonstration and role-play activities provide pointers and practice on achieving better behavior management and the development of skills for managing crisis situations. Remaining modules address social skills, transition, and program and classroom evaluation.

Date Published: March 1, 2000