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Addressing Housing for Victims of Human Trafficking

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Date Published
December 2020
4 pages

This brief published by the Office for Victims of Crime Human Trafficking Capacity Building Center discusses how service providers can address the housing needs of victims of human trafficking.


This publication of the Office for Victims of Crime Human Trafficking Capacity Building Center provides guidelines for addressing housing needs of victims of human trafficking, including steps to assist organizations with how to determine the need and get started building a housing program. Access to safe and affordable housing can be a challenge for victims of human trafficking. Many victims face unique barriers to accessing and maintaining housing as a direct result of their victimization. Moreover, few emergency shelters or transitional housing programs are uniquely prepared to serve victims of human trafficking. This has led many service providers to consider developing housing programs to better fulfill the needs of human trafficking victims. Housing programs can be complicated and costly. Prior to starting such an undertaking, an organization should assess its capacity to support a housing program, identify the broad range of housing options and service needs of victims, understand the community support and concerns, determine costs, and secure funding. The publication closes with a list of additional resources.

Date Published: December 1, 2020