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ADAM II 2007 Annual Report: Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program II

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Date Published
April 2008
143 pages
This 2007 ADAM (Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring) II Annual Report presents information on the ADAM II program, comparing it to the former ADAM program; presents findings on drug use among booked adult male arrestees for the 10 ADAM II sites; presents the demographics of the arrestee population; supplies information on arrestee treatment experiences; and provides information on local drug markets.
ADAM II continues the original ADAM methodology while broadening its focus on collecting valid and reliable information on the possible spread of methamphetamine into new areas of the Nation after 2003. ADAM II continues the goal of ADAM in being a vital source of data for estimating trends in drug use in local areas, revealing the connection between drugs and crime, and describing drug-market behavior among adult male arrestees. The ADAM II data were collected from face-to-face interviews with arrestees and the collection of a urine sample for testing within 48 hours of their arrests. The 2007 data were collected for the 10 former ADAM sites: Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; Indianapolis, IN; Minneapolis, MN; New York, NY; Portland, OR; Sacramento, CA; and Washington, DC. A total of 4,334 booked arrestees voluntarily completed interviews, a response rate of 52 percent; 77 percent (3,345) of those interviewed provided urine samples for testing. Samples were tested for 10 drugs: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines/methamphetamine, propoxyphene, phencyclidine, benzodiazepines, methadone, barbiturates, and oxycodone. Detection thresholds were the same as in ADAM. Across the 10 ADAM II sites in 2007, just over two-thirds of arrestees interviewed in each site tested positive for at least 1 illicit drug at the time of arrest. These levels are consistent with results among arrestees in 9 of the same 10 sites in 2003, with a statistically significant decrease in only the Sacramento site. 28 tables, 5 exhibits, 12 figures, and appended ADAM II program methodology and fact sheets for each site

Date Published: April 1, 2008