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3.20 The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Key Reporting Time Frames

As previously mentioned, direct recipients and delegated subrecipients of Recovery Act funds must submit quarterly reports at not later than the 10th day following the end of each previous quarter.

  • The statute requires that reported information be made available to the public no later than the 30th day after the end of each calendar quarter.
  • Summary statistics for reported data will appear on Late and delinquent reporters are identified on the website.
Time frame for reporting activities and their sequence
During the first 10 days following the end of the quarter:
  • Prime recipients and delegated subrecipients prepare and enter their reporting information.
  • Recipients using the web-based form will be allowed to store draft versions of their reports online.
  • Only the individual creating the report will be able to access the draft versions.
  • Recipients using the spreadsheet or system-extracted XML options may store draft versions outside of the system on computers or workstations owned by their organization.
  • Only when the person doing the reporting actually submits a report using the website functions will the data assume the status of "submitted" and be considered in conformity with Section 1512 reporting requirements.
  • Submitted reports will be viewable by the appropriate direct recipient and by the awarding agency.
During days 11–21 following the end of the quarter:
  • Prime recipients must ensure they have submitted complete and accurate reporting information by performing a quality review and verifying submitted information for all Recovery Act funds for which they are responsible. This work must be done prior to the Federal agency comment period beginning on the 22nd day.
  • The direct recipient must notify all subrecipients of reporting errors or omissions and ensure that any data corrections are completed in a timely manner. The direct recipient is responsible for coordinating with subrecipients on any identified data corrections.
During days 22–29 following the end of the quarter:
  • Federal agencies can review and comment on the submitted reporting information.
  • Submitted reports will not be editable by the direct recipients or delegated subrecipients during this period, unless the Federal agencies request revisions.
  • The Federal agencies will perform a data quality review and notify the direct recipients and the delegated subrecipients of any data anomalies or questions utilizing the solution.
  • This notification will unlock the notated report and include instructions from the Federal agencies on any corrections to be made.
  • The original submitter must complete data corrections no later than the 29th day following the end of the quarter.
No later than 30 days following the end of the quarter:
  • Detailed recipient reports are made available to the public on the website.
  • Any data issues identified beyond the date of publication must be corrected or addressed in the next quarterly report. Please see example of reporting schedule below reflecting continuous quality assurance of the data through the next quarter.
Sample Reporting Schedule
Dates Period
July 1–10 Initial Submission Period
July 11–14 Extended Submission Period
July 15–18 Prime Recipient Review
July 19–29 Agency Review
July 30 Recipient Data Published on
August 2–August 22 Continuous QA–Period 1
August 23 Office of Management and Budget Review
August 24 Updated
August 25–September 5 Continuous QA–Period 2
September 6 Office of Management and Budget Review
September 7 Updated
September 8–19 Continuous QA–Period 3 (ends at 11:59 P.M. EST)
September 20 Office of Management and Budget Review
September 21 Updated