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3.7 Property and Equipment

Replacement of Property (Equipment and Nonexpendable Personal Property)

When an item of property is no longer efficient or serviceable but you continue or your subrecipient continues to need the property in your or its criminal justice system, you or your subrecipient may replace the property through trade-in or sale and subsequent purchase of new property. In this case, the following conditions must be met:

  • Replacement property must serve the same function as the original property and be of the same nature or character, although not necessarily of the same grade or quality.
  • Value credited for the property, if the property is traded in, must be related to its fair market value.
  • Purchase of replacement property must take place soon enough after the sale of the property to show that the sale and the purchase are related.
  • When acquiring replacement property, you or your subrecipient may use the property to be replaced as a trade-in. You or your subrecipient may also use the proceeds from the sale of the property to offset the cost of the new property.
  • State subrecipients must obtain the written permission of the State to use the provisions of this section prior to entering into negotiation for the replacement or trade-in of property.