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Training and Technical Assistance

Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA): National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC)
BJA NTTAC serves as a major source of justice-related training and technical assistance information and resources to improve justice systems and reentry efforts nationwide.

National Parole Resource Center (NPRC)
Funded in part by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, NPRC is a national initiative that underscores the critical role that paroling authorities play in the American criminal justice system. NPRC serves as a source of information, training, and technical assistance for paroling authorities and the supervision agencies that they oversee and with whom they collaborate.

National Reentry Resource Center (NRRC)
Sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, NRRC provides education, training, and technical assistance to states, tribes, territories, local governments, service providers, nonprofit organizations, and corrections agencies working to assist those preparing for, experiencing, or working in reentry.

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP): Training and Technical Assistance
OJJDP provides national leadership, coordination, and resources to those working to prevent and respond to juvenile delinquency and victimization. A major component of these efforts is the provision of training and technical assistance resources that address the needs of juvenile justice practitioners and support state and local efforts.

U.S. Department of Education: Reentry Education Tool Kit
This tool kit offers guidelines, tools, and resources to help education providers implement the Reentry Education Framework. The Framework promotes the development of an education continuum spanning facility- and community-based reentry education programs.

Upcoming Events

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