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Building Student Leadership Opportunities During and After Incarceration

Second Chance Month 2022
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This webinar will showcase how corrections education programs can create student leadership opportunities and promote student success. The webinar will highlight the work of current prison-based education programs to develop student advisory boards in prison, establish reentry navigators on college campuses, and work with formerly incarcerated people within student-led and other community-based organizations that support current students. The webinar will feature experts from the field such as Second Chance Act grantees, Second Chance Pell sites, and formerly incarcerated graduates or currently incarcerated students.


  • Terrell Blount, Director, Formerly Incarcerated College Graduates Network
  • Danny Murillo, Underground Scholars (CA)
  • Brandon Warren, Director of Reentry, Lee College (TX)
  • Student Speaker, University of Maine at Augusta (ME)
  • Student Voice Council, Washington DOC (WA)

Vera Moderator & Q&A: Maurice Smith, Program Analyst

Date Created: March 7, 2022