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Please see the 2013 award amounts here.

Please see the 2012 award amounts here.

Please see the 2011 award amounts here.

Please see the 2010 award amounts here.

Please see the 2008 SWBPI award amounts here.

You can view the latest SWBPI Application Funding Levels by clicking the Payments Report link.

A county or state government in Arizona, California, New Mexico, or Texas may participate if it prosecuted or detained a defendant in a federally initiated and referred criminal case disposed of during any one of the eligible reporting periods.

Eligible county and state governments register and apply on-line through this Internet site. Once an award has been made for an applicant jurisdiction the jurisdiction may request payment through their on-line account. Awards will be deposited directly to the jurisdiction's bank account once the payment request has been approved by the BJA. All electronic transactions and information are secure, using the latest Internet encryption technology.

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