VALOR Initiative & National Blue Alert Network

BJA's VALOR Initiative: Officer Robert Wilson III Preventing Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers and Ensuring Officer Resilience and Survivability
The Officer Robert Wilson III Preventing Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers and Ensuring Officer Resilience and Survivability (VALOR) Initiative is an effort to improve the immediate and long-term safety, wellness, and resilience of law enforcement officers.

National Blue Alert Network
The National Blue Alert Network supports the use and integration of Blue Alert plans throughout the United States in order to rapidly disseminate information to law enforcement agencies, the media and the public to aid in the apprehension of violent criminals who kill, seriously injure, or pose an imminent threat to law enforcement.

Resources for Tribal Law Enforcement

Bureau of Justice Assistance's Tribal Community Supervision Officer Training and Technical Assistance
BJA, through the American Probation and Parole Association develops, delivers, and evaluates training and technical assistance for tribal probation officers. Training events include a Tribal Probation Academy to address the training needs of new tribal probation officers. This three-week course provides comprehensive training to justice system personnel who are affiliated with a tribe in providing community supervision services. Additionally, on-site technical assistance is available to assist any tribe interested in receiving assistance to help identify, develop, and/or enhance the use of correctional options (such as probation programs, day reporting centers, elder panels, transitional housing, etc.) in their community. For more information regarding this program, please visit

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's Trauma-Informed Policing with Tribal Youth Program helps educate law enforcement professionals about the effects of historical and intergenerational trauma on tribal youth and how to lead positive police-youth interactions. Learn more at:

The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services offers a series of publications that provide community-oriented policing strategies and research-based approaches to enhancing public safety in Indian Country.
Cross-Deputization in Indian Country
Promising Practices in Tribal Community Policing
Break the Cycle: Methamphetamine and Community-Oriented Policing in Indian Country
Public Safety Partnerships in Indian Country
Successful Tribal Community Policing Initiatives: A Resource for Communities Developing Public Safety Programs and Strategies

COPS also supports training and technical assistance that is specifically geared toward tribal community policing: Tribal Training and Technical Assistance