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In Focus: Elder Abuse

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Elder abuse covers a wide range of crimes committed against older adults, including physical, sexual, and psychological abuse; neglect; and financial exploitation.

Seniors are often targeted over the telephone, through the mail, and online in scams involving fraudsters posing as Internal Revenue Service agents, sweepstakes scams, and other schemes to defraud them.

Elder abuse represents a serious public safety and health concern, but it is a difficult problem to address because it is often underreported. Many victims are faced with the choice of reporting a family member or friend to police regarding the abuse or continuing to suffer in silence.

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Elder Justice Initiative
The mission of the Department of Justice's Elder Justice Initiative is to support and coordinate the Department's enforcement and programmatic efforts to combat elder abuse, neglect and financial fraud and scams that target our nation's seniors.

Office for Victims of Crime
OVC is committed to supporting victims of elder abuse -- access resources, find trainings, and learn about the National Elder Fraud Hotline.

When Grandpa Gave Away the Farm: His Own Darn Fault, or a Case of Elder Abuse?
This National Institute of Justice article focuses on tools that have been developed to measure seniors' financial judgment.

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Date Created: August 17, 2020

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