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In Focus: Corrections

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On a daily basis, correctional officers across the country face dangerous situations that challenge their safety.

Through programs such as the Bulletproof Vest Partnership/Body Armor Safety Initiative and the NIJ Standards and Testing Program, the Office of Justice Programs is working to provide critical safety information and resources to corrections personnel.

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Publications and Resources

Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP)/Body Armor Safety Initiative (BASI)
Administered by BJA, the BVP Program is designed to provide bulletproof vests to public safety personnel, including those in the field of corrections. BASI, administered by NIJ, addresses the reliability of body armor used by safety professionals and examines the future of technology and testing.

Contraband Detection Devices, What the Market Has to Offer
This article highlights the availability of findings from an NIJ-supported survey of commercial contraband detection technologies. The purpose of the survey was to provide corrections officials with an overview of the technologies available to them.

Correctional Officer Safety and Wellness Literature Synthesis
The purpose of this report is to offer a comprehensive synthesis of available topical literature to help highlight any limitations and offer recommendations for future research and policies designed to enhance the overall well-being of correctional officers.

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Date Created: August 17, 2020

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