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We Help Heal the Bruises: Hawaii Criminal Injuries Compensation Commission 30th Annual Report, July 1, 1996 to June 30, 1997

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258 pages
This report describes the activities, claims processing, funding sources, and completed awards handled by the Hawaii Criminal Injuries Compensation Commission between July 1996 and June 1997; the commission compensates victims and dependents of deceased victims of certain crimes and indemnifies citizens for injuries related to violent crimes.
The commission held 38 meetings, including 12 hearings with victims on contested administrative or commission decisions. The administrative staff made 911 of the 1,050 decisions; only 4 percent of the applicants contested the decisions. The commission made the remaining 139 decisions; 11 percent of these applicants requested reconsideration. One thousand twenty-two new claims applications were received and 959 payments were issued during fiscal year 1997; these included 140 supplemental awards. The commission continued to work with law enforcement and victim assistance agencies in notifying victims of their rights to compensation. Funding for the commission's activities and victim compensation came from State appropriations, Federal grants, inmate wages, and court-ordered restitution. Appended case summaries


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